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Charon's Palm
Charon's Palm
My name is Charon's Palm. I will eventually kill you.
—In the first cutscene of the campaign.

Charon's Palm is a key asset to Enyo:Nomad.

Background Edit

Frozen Synapse Edit

Charon's Palm was first seen registering a client in the Nashar Institute Resident Administration System. The client registers to be euthanized, but instead Charon gives the client a tour of Markov Geist and its current state. Charon names the client "Tactics" then sends them off into the city, and hopefully one day the two shall meet again and face off with each other.

Frozen Synapse 2 Edit

After Enyo:Nomad has lost its control over Markov Geist, Charon's Palm was deleted from the network for unknown reasons. Without Charon's guidance, the city feels less oppressed and soon minor factions have begun seizing the opportunity to take control of the city.